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Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) serving the Sterling, Virginia area and specializes in Craniosacral Therapy


For almost twenty years I worked as an early childhood teacher before I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I loved connecting with the children and supporting parents through their first experiences in school. I have always been interested in massage and when my children were old enough for me to be away at school myself, I signed up.


After graduation I started an in-home massage business focused on pregnant and new moms. I also began taking classes in craniosacral therapy, where I came to meet Keri Smith. Over the first few years I also did trainings in pre and postnatal massage, pediatric massage and more. From my first CST class I fell in love. I was fascinated and curious about this gentle but efficient style of treatment. I  knew that I wanted to pursue CST and that I wanted to combine my love for working with families but I wasn’t sure how that would look. During covid I paused my teaching career to stay home and help my own kids with virtual learning, and the rest is history. I continued to learn about Craniosacral Therapy and I started working at Nurturing Touch and Wellness. It was there that I was able to observe and learn directly from Keri.


Since completing the pediatric and visceral trainings I have been working with infants and I absolutely love it. Currently I see babies, children, teens and adults for CST and Visceral Manipulation work. I also do prenatal, induction and postnatal massages. 


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