Induction Massage


Every pregnancy comes to an end and that time can be filled with joy, stress, anxiety and wonder.  Some woman are able to go into labor on their own, but many more woman need some assistance up to an including full medical induction using pitosin.  Beginning as early as 38 weeks, induction massage can provide much needed relaxation and encourage the body to naturally begin the labor process.

Induction massage uses multiple modalities including massage, reflexology, visceral manipulation therapy, craniosacral therapy, and essential oils that work together to provide much needed relaxation and encourage the body to naturally begin the labor process.

Additionally, Keri works with expectant mothers to help turn breach and posterior babies.  Keri uses specific massage, visceral manipulation, reflexology and essential oil techniques to relax muscles and encourage your baby to naturally find the right position.  She works through exercises you can do at home and teaches you techniques you can use during labor to  try to help you have the best birthing experience possible. 


Induction massages can often be effective within 24-72 hours but sometimes two sessions are necessary.  It is important to note that there is no "eject" button and this technique will only work if both the baby and the mother are ready.


"I want to give the HUGEST, most grateful shout-out ever to Keri, who proved herself to be not only a gifted prenatal/induction massage therapist but an absolutely fantastic and generous person as well. I went into labor on Keri's massage table , and she went completely above and beyond the call of duty. She kept my massage going while I breathed through contractions, and even timed them for me, letting me know each time how close together they were and how long they lasted. (Side note: on a massage table is, in my opinion, the BEST way to labor!) When I decided it was time to call my doctor and then that I better go straight to L&D, Keri calmly and patiently helped me get myself together and loaded me into her car, then drove me to The Birthing Inn and helped me get settled in triage. And THEN, she drove all the way to my house in Potomac Falls, picked up my mom, and brought her back just in time for my lightning-fast delivery. I am seriously blown away and don't know what I would have done without her. Keri, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the BEST and we will forever be grateful that you were part of our birth story."


"I met Keri Smith nearly eight years ago when she gave me an induction massage for my second pregnancy. I admit I was nervous as I had heard that induction massages can be unpleasant, but Keri’s magic hands soothed all my tight muscles, relaxed my anxious mommy body, and got me ready for labor. Since that life-altering meeting, Keri has aided me in treating migraines, sports related injuries, two more pregnancies with inductions, recovering from pregnancies and the daily wearing down of overused muscles. She has also worked on my children from newborn to ‘tween’ aiding in colic relief, constipation, sleep disruptions, and digestion to name a few. Often my children ask for an ‘assage’ from Ms. Keri and I have found a massage table set up for dolls and lovies in our playroom. Keri invests herself in her clients, touching base a day or two after a massage to see how we are feeling. She listens to what is going on in my head/heart, and often finds a source of tension of which I was not aware but once she works in that area I often have immediate relief. Her incorporation of reflexology and aroma therapy, I feel, puts her over the top in being able to make her therapy the most cleansing, revitalizing and relaxing experience available." -Z.B.