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Fertility Massage


Having trouble conceiving? Fertility Massage uses massage, visceral manipulation, craniosacral, and reflexology techniques to stimulate reproductive areas and endocrine glands, break up pelvic adhesions and congestion, increase circulation in the pelvis, and provide deep relaxation and stress reduction.  It is most successful on day 10-14 after your last cycle.   Regularly receiving fertility massage provides many benefits for the reproductive system. Some of the benefits are:

  • Prepared your body for pregnancy

  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus

  • Promotes hormonal balance

  • Helps to break up scar tissue

  • Helps to bring fresh blood to the uterus

  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones

  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix

  • Improves endocrine system communication

  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones

  • Promotes hormonal balance by strengthening the hormonal feedback loop

  • Helps the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues

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