Virtual Infant Massage Instruction Class

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Join Keri Smith, CMT for an virtual infant massage instruction class on Wednesday, August 12th at 11am.​

This class will teach you to:

  • Connect with and calm your baby

  • Treat colic, gas, and other digestive issues

  • Help baby develop a sense of self

  • Boost baby’s immune system

  • Leverage holistic options to care for your baby


Please have a pillow, a baby blanket, and feel free to use coconut or other neutral oil to help with the massage.  Please participate from a quiet space without background distractions.

COMING SOON! Introduction to Essential Oils

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Interested in an introduction to essential oils class?  I touch on many oils, but specifically:

  • How to safely use essential oils for adults, children, toddlers, and infants

  • Oils to support heathy respiratory function and combatting seasonal threats

  • Oils that provide emotional support and can uplift your mood


Interested?  Contact me for more information.  


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