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Keri is a Certified Masage Therapist (CMT) serving the Ashburn Virginia area.  Her specialties include Fertility Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Induction Massage, Labor Massage Instruction, Postpartum Massage, Infant Massage Instruction, Deep Tissue Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation Therapy, Reflexology, and AromaTouch Tequniques.


Originally from Long Beach Island, NJ, I grew up thinking I was going to be a child psychologist. When I began taking some of the core classes, I grew concerned that I would not be able to leave work at the office. I wanted a hands on approach to work with children and their families.  This is where massage came in.  During my senior year of college, I also enrolled in massage school.  I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in psychology and immediately continued my education in massage, getting specializations in pregnancy & postpartum massage, infant massage, and fertility & induction massage.  I had found a new way to help people. I had never known how powerful and amazing massage could be.


A few years later my husband Jeremy and I moved to Ashburn, VA and had our two children, Hailey and Jaden. It was with our kids that I began to truly understand the power that massage and touch can have when it comes to children.  Massage has helped us both to bond with both our kids and now they know I can help them with almost any of their ailments, from tummy aches to growing pains.


Recently, I have turned my studies to CranioSacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation therapy, Reflexology and essential oils which have opened up a whole new world of wellness options that I'm excited to share with my clients.  I love bodywork,  it's my passion.  I love working with my clients to help them feel better.  I consider myself lucky to be able to work so closely with people and to reaffirm how deeply massage can affect someone.



  • Certified Fertility Massage Specialist

  • Pregnancy Massage Certified

  • Induction Massage Specialist

  • Reflexology Certified


  • Baby's First Massage Certified

  • Certified Infant Massage Trainer

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Visceral Manipulation Therapy

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